Introduction to the foundation: Science for Justice – NL

Here I will introduce our new foundation. In a second post, I will introduce our first project.

The name of the foundation, and the choice of its URL, were initially made to honour one of our main inspirations: the anonymous owner and creator of the splendid website “Science for Justice”, Indeed, we hope to drive traffic to that site. But: we are in no way associated or affiliated with that person nor the project they have started, and the name of our foundation was not consciously chosen with the intention of making that suggestion.

I will write more about our own history, explain who we are, and in particular, publish the statutes of our foundation, in the coming days, weeks, … Right now there are very pressing things to do, related to our first project, Freedom for Lucy Letby. The name of that project is provisional. Even the name of the foundation and/or the URL of the foundation are provisional, but changing them will require more visits to the notary and take time and money.

We are interested in truth and justice, and interested in achieving Justice through uncovering the truth, as much as possible. Science gives us tools for that purpose. The purpose of Science is to get closer understanding of the truth about the world around us through the use of scientific methodology and through the powers of reason.

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