Introduction to the case: R. v. Lucy Letby

Here I will introduce the first project which our foundation is going to tackle. Our aim is to disseminate reliable information about the case, in particular concerning the science which could (and in our opinion, should) have been brought to bear on it, both medical and statistical. Perhaps even also insights from history, sociology, psychology. We, the founders of Science for Justice – NL, are scientists, but not medical scientists. One of us is a statistician with long experience in the use of statistics in medical science and in forensic science. He has been deeply involved in several past serial killer nurse cases.

Certainly, the similarities with the famous case of Lucia de Berk in the Netherlands are large, and once one knows more about both cases, horrifying. For the time being we must refer the reader to a blog post by one of the two founders of Foundation Science for Justice – NL:

Foundation Science for Justice NL

I will write more about our history, explain who we are, and in particular, publish the statutes of our foundation, in the coming weeks, … Right now there are very pressing things to do, related to our first project, Freedom for Lucy Letby.

Several more projects are in the pipeline.

We are interested in truth and justice and interested in achieving Justice through uncovering the truth as much as possible. Science gives us tools for that purpose. The purpose of Science is to get a closer understanding of the truth about the world around us through the use of scientific methodology and the powers of reason.